Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Post by Steve Temple

We're in full shoot mode and hitting our stride in Sturgis now. Sunday was our first full day of editorial shooting, and the day to get kinks out of the system. Sturgis is an animal in and of itself with regard to photography, there are rides, bikes and the all around event to shoot. It means a lot of equipment and a lot in general to keep track of. It's gotten back enough that I've had to start sportin' the photo vest just to keep up. Need all those pockets for press passes, lens cleaner, Chapstick, notepad and pen, the occasional lens, batteries, phone, lens caps, video camera I need to start using more, umbrella, model releases and keys to everything.

Back to Sunday, we had a great ride organized by none other than Jay Allen of the Broken Spoke at County Line. We headed out 79 to a functioning ranch for some good eats paired with barrel racing and roping. Thanks to everyone who joined us, hope you had a great time.

On Monday, Michael started the day with the Legends Ride from Deadwood to the Buffalo Chip. The ride included some celebs such as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Lorenzo Lamas from the show Renegade. Despite some wrong turns, Michael got some great shots seated backwards on the bike with Bob 'the rock' in the driver's seat. Special thanks to Danny Gray who hooked us up with a great parking spot. After the ride we regrouped at the studio to shoot bikes, but stayed too late as we hit all the traffic coming out of the Chip. We won't make that mistake again!

Today Michael's been on Main St. shooting all the action at the hub of Bike Week. Tonight is our reception and industry party for Rebel Rousers. I'll have some pix up soon, should be a great party!!

One last note, be sure to look for the December issue of Easyriders and V-Twin for all of Michael's Sturgis coverage.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Post by Steve Temple

I got my earliest start to Sturgis this year heading out of the house at 8 am and had a great trip up. My arrival, however, was saddened by news that Bruce Rossmeyer had passed from a motorcycle accident on his way to Sturgis. My heart felt condolences go out to his family.

After getting in and unloading all the artwork and photo equipment out of the trailer, I started building the studio for shooting bikes. A couple problems had to first be overcome, an a-frame was running right where with light was to go and the floor was sprinkled with hydraulic fluid from a forklift. The first problem we tackled was the light and the a-frame. Rerouting electrical conduit, the construction crew from the Buffalo Chip did a great and quick job 'notching' one of the trusses enough for me to raise our light the necessary amount and enable me to do something I thought was very cool, suspend our light from the adjacent trusses using tie-downs. As for the floor, it was decided the next day a roll of linoleum would be purchased to serve as a liner to keep the oil from seeping into our paper background and causing what Michael called, "major problems." At the same time, Rebel Rousers was taking shape next door. Many of the bikes and most of the wall art had arrived and Michael was directing traffic made up of eight and ten foot platforms that the bikes would sit on. It's a daunting task laying out a gallery, but Michael makes it look easy as though he is simply drawing from a vision securely in his mind. With the light in place running like a charm, and the gallery starting to look like a gallery, Michael and I headed to our temporary home at the Chip. Sleep was had under the green glow of mercury vapor lights through semi-transparent shades.

Woke up Friday morning full of vigor, the origin of which being a great mystery to me. Quietly I got ready, although it probably would have taken a small freight train to wake Michael through his ear plugs, blinders and sleep aid pills. Picked some wonderfully prepared pastries (donuts at the General Store) and went straight to work getting the studio a ready as possible for the linoleum to arrive. This iPod was hummin' and I was groovin' along as though the light stands were an extension of my hands putting themselves up in swift strokes. A few hours later Michael made his way to the gallery after a long deserved late morning. With coffee in hand, he quickly took command and the gallery was once again taking shape. At this point I'd like to send a big thanks to all those who have helped us the past 2 days, Michael and I both thank you for all the help. By the end of the day the gallery had been transformed, beautifully lit iconic bikes surrounded by movie posters and memorabilia hanging on the walls. All the hours, days and weeks of research, phone calls and emails has come to fruition in the form of Rebel Rousers. As for the studio, Jesse James' first Camel bike now sits in a beautifully lit stage awaiting Michael's creative vision.

Sunday we are off to Broken Spoke County Line for the Sugarbear/Lichter ride. Come on out and join us!