Thursday, June 25, 2009


Post by Steve Temple

A couple years ago Big Dog Motorcycles asked if we could do 360 degree shots of their bikes for a web animation, and of course we said yes! It presented a really cool challenge, something we had never done, but at the same time a great new tool for the belt. A lot of ideas were thrown around, some good, come not so good. We finally settled on a wood platform that rotated on a central axis and used equidistant marks on the paper underneath for rotation targets. The final rotation was made from 32 frames and knocked out, below is the raw version on the original background.

One last note, we'd like to thank everyone for leaving their comments on Facebook and MySpace. Since Michael's head is already spinning from the 3 time zones he's visited on the last week, we'd like to ask that all comments be made here on the blog instead of Facebook and MySpace. That way, when Michael's head spins down he only has to check one site to read your great comments. Thanks a bunch and keep 'em coming!!


John E. Adams said...

Lookin good even in the rough here. A quick question - the slide show on the bottom, is that a function from youtube? Cheers, John.

Michael Lichter said...

The Big Dog time lapse slideshow was created using Quicktime.

John E. Adams said...

Thanks Michael will give it a spin sometime. I was actually referring to the mirror image gallery style display at the bottom of the frame that shows up after the clip is played -;0)