Thursday, July 23, 2009


Post by Steve Temple

Ever get a call that makes your hair stand on end? Not the bad kind, but the good kind. In February, 2008 we were on location at the Easyriders Bike Show in Columbus, OH when we got one of those calls. On the other end of the phone was VSA Partners, an advertising agency hired by Harley-Davidson to produce their 2007 Annual Report. They'd found an image of a bikers tattooed back shot at Harley's 100th Anniversary Celebration on our website and wanted to use it on the cover. That was all well and good, but they also needed a model release since Harley won't use any photo without one, and we didn't have one. The search began!

We used every media outlet possible, which isn't much as we were stuck in the Veteran's Memorial Center with no internet access. We called back to the studio asking Rochelle to post the image on the homepage of our website with a plea to anyone who could identify him. Posts were made on MySpace, calls were made to Harley dealers, and on and on. The search spanned one week and a couple hundred-thousand web views. On the Monday that the Annual Report was going to press the subject of the photo was finally found... overseas! As the printers had their finger on the button to start their presses, our tattooed biker gladly signed the model release. Here's the cover.

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