Friday, July 17, 2009


Post by Steve Temple

I haven't heard much from Michael this week, things must be going well on the ride to Wauseon on those Knuckles. Matt Olsen has been updating his blog with photos from the ride and I don't blame Michael for being out of touch.

Back here at the studio things are steadily moving towards Sturgis. Our background paper was delivered, got the 8-page equipment pack list out to make this year's modifications, and cleaned out the trailer. Speaking of the trailer, I couldn't fit three bikes so Ken Conte of Rise Above Consulting came to my rescue. He'll be hauling my Sporty up to Sturgis, thanks Ken!

Since it's coming up fast, just wanted to throw out a reminder that anything can happen in Sturgis!

Calf being castrated, in color!

This ain't Sushi!

Extremely fresh Rocky Mountain Oysters anyone? And yes, that's the Statue of Liberty doing a karate kick.

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