Monday, July 27, 2009


Post by Michael Lichter

Chica checking out the competition as Paul Cox puts the finishing touches on his Build-Off bike at the Broken Spoke.

Good times at the Broken Spoke.

"Mary, what's in there?" At the Broken Spoke

No wonder Jeff Clark is telling the crowd he can't here them at the Broken Spoke. Do you know how loud that Budweiser Burn-Out bike is?

Something about this hits me like "Classic Chica?" The gooseneck, the slicked back hair, the overall style...

Jen at Whisky Girls is awesome. She runs a great booth raising money for good causes as she sells some cool stuff. (like the shirt!)

Jody Perewitz carrying on the family tradition with her great smile, great bikes, and "The Look" from Perewitz!

Paul took me out for a quick tour of the lake on his sleep-aboard boat. Watch out when these weekend lake warriors start telling their party stories!

Shayla and Jeff getting familiar to the surprise of the neighbors!


LeftTenant said...

That shot from the bow of the boat suggests a precarious camera/cameraman position!

Fred said...

Great stuff Michael! What a life you live.

paulie said...

lets give michael a hand he does great work.and yes he was hanging on the bow at a speed of 45 .yes i know because i was driving the boat.rock on .EAST COAST PIRATE CREW. out!