Friday, July 24, 2009


Post by Steve Temple

First off, TGIF!!!

Second, we've been receiving some not-so-positive feedback about the Image Gallery section of, apparently people were not too keen on the horizontal scrolling. This was what you might call my little baby of the site and I was pretty proud of it, however, one box of tissues later and it's time to move on, and I did. What I want now is your input on the new layout, in particular the Events and Builders pages. The thumbnails are now laid out in a grid rather than one long row, which necessitated the horizontal scrolling. So please make comments below this post and don't be shy, we need raw input from our visitors, and this means you!

Thanks in advance.


John E. Adams said...
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Richard Redmond said...

Ahh, sometimes it’s like that. It's never fun to receive negative reception for a new feature. As it's a function, a lot of work is put in it, so having to change it so quickly is a bit sad. Still, it can be a fun learning experience. Slowly but surely, you start getting an idea of what you and the audience want when it comes to the look of the website.

- Richard Redmond

Sage said...

The gallery looks nice, Michael. It's great that you're taking steps to get feedback from your site visitors. Not all of them are positive, but you can use them to determine the gray areas and eventually work on them.

-Sage Aumick

Masako said...

Very well said, Sage. Web page owners should take such feedback as motivation to improve and do more. In Michael’s case, I don’t see anything wrong with it. The photo gallery is nice, something that enthusiasts must see.

Masako Gun

matthewleanna said...

I find your site pretty neat; this is something that photography enthusiasts really want to see in a webpage. My favorite part is the blogging section, where people can give their suggestions and insights on several topics that you might post. I hope that your site will stand out and become more popular in the long run. =)

Matthew Leanna

Abigayle said...

You are right Matthew! This site is a good catch for all photography enthusiasts out there! Also, allowing visitors to leave comments, suggestions, and feedback, which will surely help Michael see his craft’s, and his site’s strengths and weaknesses.

-Abigayle Soderstrom